Plan for 2021 Project Management Tools and Techniques

Plan for 2021: Project Management Tools and Techniques

Only 58% of organisations understand the importance of project management. However, for any business, the best way to tackle the year ahead is to identify goals and set clear plans in place to achieve this. By beginning 2021 with more organisation and effective management, you can find more success in every venture and project you undertake.

But how exactly can you plan for 2021 and ensure your project management is the best it can be? There are many different techniques and tools your business can use to ensure that everyone on a project’s team is effectively communicating and has a clear idea of how the project is moving along. Without a unified understanding of a project’s goals and the steps needed to reach these, your business is more likely to complete and benefit from projects planned this year.

Please keep reading for more advice and techniques on effective project management in your business; taking the time to establish a project management team or system that suits your needs will result in more desirable results.

The Classic Technique

The Classic Technique is the most straightforward and traditional approach for project management. Often, for smaller-scale projects, it is the most appropriate option. If there is no need for the implementation of a complex process, then keep it simple! Sometimes businesses can take project management much further than it needs to go, and this can cause more confusion, even failure, down the line.

If you only require a small team or your project is not particularly large-scale, this ‘Classic Technique’ could be the option for you. 

This technique includes preparing a plan for all upcoming work, complete with estimating how long tasks will take to perform and how resources will be allocated. In addition, providing and receiving feedback from your team, monitoring quality and deadlines are also crucial to this approach.

The Waterfall Technique

If you are planning a more complex project where detailed phasing is required, then the Waterfall Technique is better suited to your needs. This technique ensures the successful delivery of a project where rigid work structuring is required to provide a clear path. 

The Waterfall Technique is based on the sequential performance of tasks; the following step in the plan only starts once the previous one is accomplished. This approach will not only help you to monitor the progress and performance of each step, but it will also ensure everyone on the team is clear in regard to what is happening when. People often use charts in conjunction with this technique to create a visual representation of each phase as they progress.

Agile Project Management

If your projects involve software development that requires frequent iterations from a small but highly collaborative team, then the Agile Project Management technique is ideal for your business. 

This technique is built around principles based on a value-centred approach, which divides project work into short sprints. It uses adaptive planning and continual improvement to encourage your teams’ self-organisation and collaboration to produce maximum value. Various project management tools are useful in carrying out this technique, such as Scrum, Kanban, DSDM and FDD.

Outsource Your Project Management

Sometimes, the best thing that you can do for your business is to outsource your project management. 68% of organisations in PMI’s annual survey said that they used outsourced project managers in 2018. We all have our strengths, and many of your teams may be suited to other business aspects. By partnering with a company that has the knowledge and experience to handle all types and sizes of projects, you can ensure that targets are met on time and within your budget.

There can be many moments in a business’ lifecycle when they may need to seek outside support. Moments of transition can leave a company without the project leaders they need to develop their business and reach more clients. At Gilbro Group LLP, our senior partners offer a unique combination of business acumen, and combined experience, that you can use to your advantage when implementing change.

If you are interested in learning more about project management, executive management and the skills we possess to support your business, then get in contact with Gilbro Group LLP today. We can support your project management needs, utilising our extensive experience and knowledge to help your business meet its goals and grow throughout 2021.

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