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Asset Management
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When an organisation is struggling with any part of its regular operations and could benefit from some expert assistance, this falls under the category of assets management. An asset can refer to anything from a physical object such as a building, machinery, or raw material. Still, the definition also extended to include intangible things, for example, knowledge or culture.

Asset management enables an organisation to help streamline operations, especially those in relation to their sale or disposal. By outsourcing asset management, an organisation can guarantee that all assets are accounted for, and the chance of recording ghost assets is minimised. 

From applying processes to the design, use and maintenance of all forms of assets, both tangible and intangible; with Gilbro Group LLP, your organisation can rest easy knowing the value of your assets are maximised from the beginning to the very end. 

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Asset Management Policies

The asset management policy is the foundation of any substantial asset management strategy. It is the documentation that synchronises everyone’s actions in regard to an organisation’s assets; by setting out guiding principles, intentions, goals and methods, all members of staff can feel confident in their choices regarding the assets.

What is SAMP?

A Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) is a strategic plan that clearly identifies what we intend to do, in what timescales, going on to establish what objectives we are aiming to achieve. 

These plans also go into detail about the organisation the assets belong to, ensuring that the plan of action is bespoke and tailored directly to your business’ assets. This assessment of your current situation as an organisation determines the asset’s portfolio, including the capabilities and the overall system.

Strategic objectives are then aligned towards the organisation’s objectives, and lead the way when our team put together a strategic plan. The plan lays out how the asset portfolio, capability and AM system will be delivered. 

The SAMP then goes on to include the implementation process and the disciplines; this incorporates RASCI, decision-making framework, as well as processes for the planning, prioritisation, risk management and adapting of the SAMP. Requirements and dependencies are also detailed within this plan.

The benefits of asset management

Efficient asset management has a number of benefits on an organisation. By outsourcing it allows one firm to concentrate solely on the welfare of the business’ assets, allowing you to focus on the day-to-day happenings. In addition, it allows for business and asset management objectives to be aligned, improving the value achieved through the assets, with clear definition determined between asset performance and data requirements.

Through a strategic plan, there is greater transparency of asset costs in relation to their condition and performance, which will comply 100% with all regulations. 

There is a reduction of risk-related costs, and the organisation’s budget planning process is improved. Moreover, these strategic plans lead to long-term operational savings and reductions to risk-related costs.

Reliability Engineering Services

Here at Gilbro Group, we also offer reliability engineering services. These services include identifying and managing asset condition and mitigating any risks that could negatively affect the company’s value stream. Reliability engineering is often broken down into three areas: loss elimination, risk management, and managing the life cycle of assets from design to decommissioning.

Through this approach, our experts can help improve the performance of your assets whilst, at the same time, reducing any costs and risk. Reliability engineering also includes all problem solving and root cause analysis, installing a reliability-centred maintenance system.

Our team are experienced and dedicated professionals who strive for excellence. We are highly adaptable, proactive and knowledgeable; between us, we have over 100 years of experience, spanning a wide-ranging number of disciplines.

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